Agni Reef Waterhoppers Corfu

Agni Reef!

Experience the lush variety of fish species, gliding over Agni reef's uneven structure. Meet octopuses, groupers, grey tuna, sargos and many more Mediterranean species!

Maximum depth 36 meters, average depths of 20-30 meters


Agni Wreck waterhoppers corfu Agni Wreck!

Agni wreck is for the more experienced divers who enjoy the unknown! Divers wonder off into the beautiful blue, 50meters from shore, where Agni wreck appears sitting peacefully on the see bed!

Maximum depth 43 meters, average depth 30 meters


Nisaki Reef & Wreck waterhoppers corfu

Nissaki Reef & wreck (Helios wall)

Dive off the wall at 9meters and glide down to 30, where you will meet Captain John's boat sitting in near perfect condition as if it was ready to explore the underwater world of Corfu!

Maximum depth 30 meters, average depth 20 meters


The Rock of Kalonas waterhoppers corfu The rocks of Kalonas!

Kalonas reef is known for is beautiful eerie blue waters! Above the reef stands a sand bed, shaped as a wave continuing along side reefs structure! Vast amounts of fish use reef as breeding grounds, as do larger fish for hunting grounds! Rays are also common, flying above reef, as grey tuna are and Sargos!

Maximum depth 30 meters, average depths 20-30 meters!


Kapareli Reef waterhoppers corfu Kapareli Reef!

Dive around they beautiful island light house of Corfu, Kapareli island is located in-between Corfu & Albania. Two dives can be made around the island, either diving around the beautiful sculptured rocks, swimming through tears on the sea bed or even entering small caves! A great dive for all divers who enjoy a day out with relaxed extra safe diving!

Maximum depth 25 meters, average depths 15-20 meters


Watehoppers House Waterhoppers house reef (kruzeri reef)

Just below our dive site on Kruzeri beach, Waterhoppers house reef awaits all divers from open water levels to instructors! This dive is used as a training ground and for second dives(deco dives), the reef reaches a maximum depth of 18 meters and still offers a vast variety of fish, eels and octopuses! Relax in the crystal clear waters of Kruzeri beach, with nothing else on your mind other than dive time!

Maximum depth 18 meters average depth 12-15 meters


Albanian wrecks & Reefs

Waterhoppers diving centre are currently in negotiations with local & Albanian authorities, in creating a unique diving destination. Albanian water conditions are similar to Corfu, dives will be at no grater depth of 30 meters & all dives will be on wrecks, with full history profile dating back to ww1

More information on Waterhoppers Dive Albania, will be updated through site & Facebook!



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